Class Description
Public class DeleteProgressChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the DeleteProgressChanged event.
Public class FileSet
Set of inclusion and exclusion patterns. It doesn't depend on the order how the inclusion and exclusion patterns are added into the FileSet.
Public class FileSystemItem
Represents a file or directory item.
Public class FileSystemItemCollection
Provides a container for a collection of FileSystemItem objects.
Public class FileSystemItemComparer
Class used to compare FileSystemItem objects.
Public class LocalItem
Represents a file or directory on the local file system.
Public class LocalItemCollection
Provides a container for a collection of LocalItem objects.
Public class ProblemDetectedEventArgs
Provides data for the ProblemDetected event.
Public class TransferProgressChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the TransferProgressChanged event.
Public class TraversingEventArgs
Provides data for the Traversing event.


  Structure Description
Public structure Checksum
Represents data checksum.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ActionOnExistingFiles
Specifies the default action to perform when a target file already exists. However, the default action can still be changed using the ProblemDetected event.
Public enumeration DeleteProgressState
Current delete state of the Deleting.
Public enumeration FileSetMatchMode
Specifies modes of the IsMatch(String, FileSetMatchMode) method.
Public enumeration FileSystemItemComparerType
List of possible compare types for the FileSystemItemComparer class.
Public enumeration ChecksumAlgorithm
Specifies checksum algorithm.
Public enumeration ItemDateTimes
Specifies which date/time to restore.
Public enumeration LinkProcessingMode
Specifies behavior on links and reparse points in multi-file operations.
Public enumeration LinkType
Specifies link type.
Public enumeration MoveMode
Specifies the behaviour of the Move.
Public enumeration OverwriteCondition
Specifies the condition for overwriting a file.
Public enumeration TransferAction
Currently executed operation.
Public enumeration TransferMethod
Specifies the method of the transfer.
Public enumeration TransferProblemReaction
Specifies the reaction to resolve the current problem that occurred during a multi-file operation.
Public enumeration TransferProblemType
Detailed specification of a problem that occurred during a multi-file operation.
Public enumeration TransferProgressState
Current transfer state of the TransferAction.
Public enumeration TraversalMode
Specifies how a search pattern is treated (how to traverse a hierarchy of directories).
Public enumeration TraversingState
Current traversal state of the TransferAction.