Class Description
Public class CopyMoveCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for CopyCompleted and MoveCompleted events.
Public class CopyMoveEventArgs
Provides data for CopySurrogate and MoveSurrogate events.
Public class ExistsNodeEventArgs
Provides data for ExistsNodeSurrogate and ExistsNodeCompleted events.
Public class FileSystemNotificationExtensions
Takes care of the notification support in the Rebex File System. Provides FileSystemNotifier that publish events for the FileSystemProvider.
Public class FileSystemNotifier
Raises events for the FileSystemProvider operations.

Typical order of the related hook events that are associated with one file system operation:

  1. Preview event (e.g. CreatePreview). Prehook event.
  2. Surrogate event (e.g. CreateSurrogate). Prehook event.
  3. Completed event (e.g. CreateCompleted). Posthook event.

Public class FileSystemOperationEventArgs
Serves as a base class for events provided by FileSystemNotifier.
Public class GetAttributesEventArgs
Provides data for GetAttributesSurrogate and GetAttributesCompleted events.
Public class GetContentEventArgs
Provides data for GetContentSurrogate and GetContentCompleted events.
Public class GetChildrenEventArgs
Provides data for GetChildrenSurrogate and GetChildrenCompleted events.
Public class GetLengthEventArgs
Provides data for GetLengthSurrogate and GetLengthCompleted events.
Public class GetNodeEventArgs
Provides data for GetNodeSurrogate and GetNodeCompleted events.
Public class GetNodesEventArgs
Provides data for GetNodesSurrogate and GetNodesCompleted events.
Public class GetTimeInfoEventArgs
Provides data for GetTimeInfoSurrogate and GetTimeInfoCompleted events.
Public class PreviewCopyMoveEventArgs
Provides data for CopyPreview and MovePreview events.
Public class PreviewFileSystemOperationEventAgs
Serves as a base class for cancelable events provided by FileSystemNotifier.
Public class PreviewGetContentEventArgs
Provides data for GetContentPreview event.
Public class PreviewGetNodeEventAgs
Provides data for GetNodePreview event.
Public class PreviewGetNodesEventAgs
Provides data for GetNodesPreview event.
Public class PreviewRenameEventArgs
Provides data for RenamePreview event.
Public class PreviewSetAttributesEventArgs
Provides data for SetAttributesPreview event.
Public class PreviewSetContentEventArgs
Provides data for SetContentPreview event.
Public class PreviewSetTimeInfoEventArgs
Provides data for SetTimeInfoPreview event.
Public class PreviewSingleNodeOperationEventArgs
Public class RenameEventArgs
Provides data for RenameSurrogate event.
Public class SetAttributesEventArgs
Provides data for SetAttributesSurrogate event.
Public class SetContentEventArgs
Provides data for SetContentSurrogate event.
Public class SetTimeInfoEventArgs
Provides data for SetTimeInfoSurrogate event.
Public class SingleNodeOperationEventArgs