Class Description
Public class AlternateView
Represents a single alternate form of an e-mail message body.
Public class AlternateViewCollection
Represents the collection of alternate mail message views.
Public class Attachment
Represents an e-mail attachment.
Public class AttachmentBase
The base class that represents an e-mail attachment.
Public class AttachmentCollection
Represents the collection of mail message attachments.
Public class LinkedResource
Represents an embedded resource such as an image or a CSS file referenced from the message views.
Public class LinkedResourceCollection
Represents the collection of embedded resources referred by a AlternateView.
Public class MailEncryptionParameters
Mail encryption parameters.
Public class MailException
The exception that is thrown when an e-mail related error occurs.
Public class MailMessage
Represents an e-mail message that can be saved, loaded, processed or sent.
Public class MailSettings
Specifies various MailMessage settings.
Public class MailSignatureParameters
Mail signature parameters.
Public class MailSignatureValidity
Represents the result of message signature validation.
Public class MailSpool
Utility class that contains mail server spool related static methods.
Public class MediaTypeNames
Contains string representations of the common media types.
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..cuktg
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..eltdv
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..gotxm
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..gyuhy
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..hpfsn
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..miqtz
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..nbvmi
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..ponpn
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..tdxtb
Public class MediaTypeNames..::..zrlox
Public class SubjectInfo
Represents a message signer or an encrypted message recipient.
Public class SubjectInfoCollection
Represents the collection of alternate mail message views.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration MailEncryptionAlgorithm
Defines the encryption algorithm used to encrypt mail.
Public enumeration MailEncryptionPaddingScheme
Defines the padding scheme used to encrypt mail.
Public enumeration MailFormat
Specifies mail message file format.
Public enumeration MailHashingAlgorithm
Defines the hashing algorithm used to sign mail.
Public enumeration MailPriority
Mail message priority.
Public enumeration MailServerType
Represents mail server type.
Public enumeration MailSignaturePaddingScheme
Defines the padding scheme used to sign mail.
Public enumeration MailSignatureStatus
Mail signature status.
Public enumeration MailSignatureStyle
Specifies the style of signed content.
Public enumeration MailSignatureValidationOptions
Mail signature validation options.
Public enumeration ReplyBodyTransformation
Defines how to process the original message body when creating a reply.
Public enumeration RtfProcessingMode
The mode to process RTF mails.