Class Description
Public class DiffieHellmanParametersCache
Security parameters.
Public class ScpModule
Public class Server
Represents the base class for servers. In most cases, use FileServer instead.
Public class ServerModule
Represents a server module implementing a protocol.
Public class ServerModuleHost
Represents a server module host. Used by hostable modules such as SSH subsystems.
Public class ServerSettings
File server settings.
Public class SftpModule
Represents an SFTP subsystem module.
Public class ShellModule
Represents a virtual shell subsystem module.
Public class SshSubsystemModule
Represents a generic SSH subsystem module.
Public class TunnelingModule
Represents a tunneling module.
Public class UserCollection<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Provides a simple default user database that is used when no custom authentication has been defined.