Class Description
Public class Certificate
Represents an X509 v3 certificate.
Public class CertificateCollection
Represents a collection of X509 v3 certificates.
Public class CertificateEngine
Represents a certificate engine.
Public class CertificateException
The exception that is thrown when a certificate-related error occurs.
Public class CertificateExtension
Represents an X509 v3 certificate extension.
Public class CertificateExtensionCollection
Represents a collection of X509 v3 certificate extensions.
Public class CertificateChain
Represents a chain of certificates.
Public class CertificateStore
Represents a certificate store.
Public class CertificateValidationParameters
Certificate validation parameters for CertificateEngine's Validate(CertificateChain, CertificateValidationParameters) method.
Public class CrlDistributionPoint
A CRL distribution point.
Public class CrlDistributionPointCollection
Represents a collection of CRL distribution points.
Public class DistinguishedName
Represents a distinguished name.
Public class EnhancedCertificateEngine
Represents internal enhanced certificate engine, which doesn't rely on system validator and validates chains manually.
Public class ValidationResult
Represents the result of certificate chain validation.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CertificateFindOptions
Public enumeration CertificateFindType
Public enumeration CertificateFormat
Specifies certificate file format.
Public enumeration CertificateChainEngine
A chain engine (name space and cache) to be used to build and validate certificate chains.
Public enumeration CertificateStoreLocation
Specifies the location of the certificate store.
Public enumeration CertificateStoreName
Specifies the name of the certificate store.
Public enumeration KeyAlgorithm
The key algorithm for the certificate.
Public enumeration KeySetOptions
Key set options.
Public enumeration KeyUses
Intended key usage.
Public enumeration RevocationCheckModes
Specifies certificate revocation check modes.
Public enumeration SignatureHashAlgorithm
The hash algorithm used to compute the hash for hash signing and verification methods.
Public enumeration ValidationOptions
Certificate validation method options. (Not supported by CertificateChainEngine.Native engine on Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android).
Public enumeration ValidationStatus
Certificate validation status.