Class Description
Public class AlgorithmIdentifier
The AlgorithmIdentifier class defines an algorithm used for a cryptographic operation.
Public class CertificateFinder
Provides a set of common certificate finders.
Public class CertificateInfo
Contains information describing the certificate for the CertificateIssuer.Issue method.
Public class CertificateIssuer
A utility class that features a certificate issuer functionality. This can be used as a base of simple custom certification authority.
Public class CertificateRevocationList
The certificate revocation list.
Public class CertificateRevocationListCollection
Collection of certificate revocation lists.
Public class ContentInfo
The ContentInfo class represents the CMS/PKCS #7 ContentInfo data structure. It encapsulates the content of SignedData or EnvelopedData messages.
Public class CryptographicAttributeCollection
A collection of CryptographicAttributeNode objects.
Public class CryptographicAttributeNode
A cryptographic attribute that contains a type and a collection of associated values.
Public class CryptographicAttributeValueCollection
A collection of values associated with a CryptographicAttributeNode.
Public class EnvelopedData
Represents a CMS/PKCS #7 encrypted data.
Public class ExtendedUsageOids
Contains string representations of common extended usage OIDs.
Public class KeyAgreeRecipientInfo
Defines key agreement algorithm recipient information. The key itself is not transported - the two parties that will be using a symmetric key both take part in its generation. Please note that this method is not yet fully supported by Rebex Security library.
Public class KeyTransRecipientInfo
Defines key transport recipient information, typically using the RSA algorithm to encrypt the shared symmetric key to transport.
Public class PkcsBase
Base class for various PKCS objects.
Public class PrivateKeyInfo
Represents a private key.
Public class PublicKeyInfo
Represents a public key.
Public class RecipientInfo
Represents a CMS/PKCS #7 encrypted message recipient. This class is inherited by KeyAgreeRecipientInfo and KeyTransRecipientInfo classes.
Public class RecipientInfoCollection
A collection of RecipientInfo objects.
Public class RevocationCheckResult
Represents the result of certificate revocation check.
Public class RevocationListInfo
Contains information describing the certificate for the CertificateIssuer.IssueRevocationList method.
Public class RevokedCertificate
Information about revoked certificate.
Public class RevokedCertificateCollection
Collection of information about revoked certificates. A part of CertificateRevocationList.
Public class SecureMimeCapability
Represents an S/MIME capability.
Public class SecureMimeCapabilityCollection
A collection of SecureMimeCapability objects.
Public class SignatureValidationResult
Represents the result of signature validation.
Public class SignedData
Represents a CMS/PKCS #7 signed data.
Public class SignerInfo
Represents a CMS/PKCS #7 message signer.
Public class SignerInfoCollection
A collection of SignerInfo objects.
Public class SubjectIdentifier
The SubjectIdentifier class identifies a subject, either by certificate issuer and serial number, by the subject key identifier or by a public key.
Public class SubjectPublicKeyInfo


  Interface Description
Public interface ICertificateFinder
Defines the interface that certificate finder classes must implement.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CertificateIncludeOption
Specifies what parts of the certificate chain should be included in the message.
Public enumeration CertificateRevocationListStatus
Certificate revocation list status.
Public enumeration PrivateKeyFormat
Specifies private key file format.
Public enumeration RevocationCheckStatus
Represents revocation check outcome.
Public enumeration RevocationReason
Specifies the reason for inclusion in the certificate revocation list.
Public enumeration SignatureOptions
Public enumeration SignatureValidationStatus
Signature validation status.
Public enumeration SubjectIdentifierType
Defines the type of subject identifier that identifies a subject and a certificate.