Begins asynchronous GetInfo operation. Retrieves a SftpItem containing the information about the specified remote file or directory.

Namespace:  Rebex.Net
Assembly:  Rebex.Sftp (in Rebex.Sftp.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Function BeginGetInfo ( _
	remotePath As String, _
	failIfNotFound As Boolean, _
	callback As AsyncCallback, _
	state As Object _
) As IAsyncResult
public IAsyncResult BeginGetInfo(
	string remotePath,
	bool failIfNotFound,
	AsyncCallback callback,
	Object state


Type: System..::..String
The path of the remote file or directory.
Type: System..::..Boolean
Specifies whether to throw an exception if file not found.
Type: System..::..AsyncCallback
An optional asynchronous callback to be called when the operation is complete.
Type: System..::..Object
A user-provided object that identifies this particular asynchronous operation.

Return Value

An IAsyncResult that references the asynchronous operation.


Returns null if no file is found and failIfNotFound argument is set to false.

In builds for .NET 4.0 and higher, this method is available as an extension method. Add 'using Rebex.Legacy' (C#) or 'Import Rebex.Legacy' (VB.NET) to your code in order to use it.

Version Information

.NET Compact Framework

Supported in: 3.9, 3.5

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