Class Description
Public class ArchiveItem
Represents an item (file or directory) within an archive.
Public class ArchiveItemCollection
Read-only collection of ArchiveItem objects.
Public class ArchiveOperationResult
Result of an archive operation such as Add(String, String), Extract(String, String) or Delete(String, TraversalMode).
Public class Compressor
Provides utility methods for compress and decompress chunks of data.
Public class Gzip
Class for GZIP compression and decompression. It is a high level API on top of GzipCompressionStream and GzipDecompressionStream.
Public class GzipException
An exception that is thrown when an error occurs while using the GZIP API.
Public class ZipAddCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the AddCompleted event.
Public class ZipArchive
Represents a ZIP archive and provides methods to work with it.
Public class ZipArchiveOptions
Options for ZipArchive class.
Public class ZipDeleteCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the DeleteCompleted event.
Public class ZipException
An exception that is thrown when an error occurs while using the ZIP component.
Public class ZipExtractCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the ExtractCompleted event.
Public class ZipGetItemsCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the GetItemsCompleted event.
Public class ZipItem
Represents an item (file or directory) within a ZIP archive.
Public class ZipItemCollection
Read-only collection of ZipItem objects.
Public class ZipMoveCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the MoveCompleted event.
Public class ZipOperationCompletedEventArgs
Represents base class for the asynchronous operation completed event.
Public class ZipPasswordRequiredEventArgs
Provides data for the PasswordRequired event.
Public class ZipProblemDetectedEventArgs
Provides data for the ProblemDetected event.
Public class ZipProgressChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the ProgressChanged event.
Public class ZipSaveCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the SaveCompleted event.
Public class ZipShrinkProgressEventArgs
Provides data for the ShrinkProgress event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ArchiveAccessMode
Archive file access mode.
Public enumeration ArchiveActionOnExistingFile
Public enumeration ArchiveItemType
Type of the item.
Public enumeration ArchiveItemTypes
Item types to be retrieved.
Public enumeration ArchiveLinkMode
Public enumeration ArchiveOpenMode
Specifies the opening mode of the archive.
Public enumeration ArchiveOperation
Current operation. The specific operation step is specified by ArchiveOperationStep.
Public enumeration ArchiveOperationStep
Currently executed step of ArchiveOperation.
Public enumeration ArchivePasswordActions
Specifies the action to perform when the PasswordRequired event was fired.
Public enumeration ArchivePasswordReason
Specifies a reason why the PasswordRequired event was fired.
Public enumeration ArchiveProblemActions
Specifies the action to resolve the current problem using the ProblemDetected event.
Public enumeration ArchiveProblemType
Detailed specification of a problem that occurred during the operation.
Public enumeration ArchiveSaveAction
Public enumeration ArchiveSaveMode
Specifies when changes are written to the underlying stream.
Public enumeration ArchiveStreamCloseMode
Specifies the closing mode for the underlying stream of the archive.
Public enumeration ArchiveTraversalMode
Public enumeration ArchiveUnsupportedFeatureExtractMode
Specifies behavior of extract on files with unsupported feature.
Public enumeration CompressionMethod
Specifies the method used to compress data.
Public enumeration EncryptionAlgorithm
Specifies the encryption algorithm used to encrypt data.
Public enumeration ChecksumVerificationMode
Specifies mode of checksum verification.
Public enumeration Zip64Mode
Specifies values for the 64-bit ZIP mode (compatible with ZIP64(tm)) when adding new files. Without the 64-bit ZIP extension:
- files longer than 4GB cannot be added to the archive,
- archives larger than 4GB cannot be created,
- the archive can contain maximum 65535 entries.