Class Description
Public class DispositionTypeNames
Contains string representations of disposition type names.
Public class MimeEntity
A MIME entity.
Public class MimeEntityCollection
Represents the collection of MimeEntity objects that are parts of this MimeEntity.
Public class MimeException
The exception that is thrown when a MIME-related error occurs.
Public class MimeHeader
A single MIME header.
Public class MimeHeaderCollection
Represents the collection of MimeHeader objects of this MimeEntity.
Public class MimeMessage
A MIME e-mail message.
Public class MimeUnparsableHeaderEventArgs
Provides data for the UnparsableHeader event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration MimeEntityKind
Represents the kind of MIME entity.
Public enumeration MimeExceptionStatus
Defines status codes for the MimeException class.
Public enumeration MimeOptions
Specifies various options for MIME parser and writer.
Public enumeration MimePriority
Mime message priority.
Public enumeration MimeSignatureStyle
Specifies the style of signed content.
Public enumeration MimeUnparsableHeaderSeverity
Specifies the header error severity.
Public enumeration MimeUnparsableHeaderStatus
Specifies the problem encountered by the header parser.
Public enumeration TransferEncoding
Type of transfer encoding of the content.