Specifies various options for MIME parser and writer.

Namespace:  Rebex.Mime
Assembly:  Rebex.Mail (in Rebex.Mail.dll)


Visual Basic
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration MimeOptions
public enum MimeOptions


Member nameDescription
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotWriteBcc
Do not write the "Bcc" header into output stream.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotParseMimeTree
Ignore the MIME tree and parse the message as a single-level entity.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkProcessAllHeaders
Parses and reencodes all headers, even when not needed or modified.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkIgnoreUnparsableHeaders
Ignore unparsable headers when parsing mail message.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkAlwaysWriteContentTransferEncoding
Always write a content-transfer-encoding, even if it has a default value of "7bit"
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkIgnoreUnparsableSignatures
Ignore unparsable S/MIME signature entities when parsing mail message.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkAllowAnyTextCharacters
Skips checking of text content for text/* entities. When this options is enabled, it is possible to use any characters inside text entities.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotQuoteProblematicSequences
Disables encoding of leading 'F', '.' and '-' character in body parts using quoted-printable content transfer encoding. These leading characters used to cause problems to legacy mail transfer agents, so quoted-printable-encoding them was used as a workaround that doesn't cause any problems to properly-implemented mail agents.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkOnlyParseHeaders
Only parses message headers and ignores the body.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotAddDateIfNoSubjectAndFrom
Do not automatically add a date header if 'date', 'subject' or 'from' headers are missing from a top-level or embedded message.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDisableEncryptionKeyPreference
Do not include encryption key preference attribute in signed message attributes.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDisableSMimeCapabilitiesAttribute
Do not include S/MIME options attribute in signed message attributes.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkSkipCertificateUsageCheck
Skip certificate usage check.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkIgnoreInvalidTnefMessages
Ignore invalid TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments when parsing mail messages.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkSkipSenderCheck
Skip sender check.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkKeepRawEntityBody
Keep the raw entity body when parsing MIME messages and make it accessible using GetRawContentStream()()()().
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotCloseStreamAfterLoad
Keep the input stream open when Load(Stream) method is done.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotPreloadAttachments
Try to conserve memory by not preloading attachment content when constructing a message.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDisableSinglePartHtmlWorkaround
Disable a workaround for broken mail clients such as Mac mail that don't correctly parse HTML-only messages. By default, MailMessage class constructs a single-part multipart/alternative structure to solve this. Enabling this flag turns off this behavior.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkLoadMsgProperties
Load Outlook MSG properties into custom MIME headers. All these MIME headers start with X-Outlook- string.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotTrimHeaderValues
Instructs the MIME header parser not to trim the headers while parsing them.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDisableRtfToHtmlConversion
Do not convert RTF views to HTML.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkTreatBinaryRtfAsAlternateView
Treat binary RTF as AlternateView.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkSkipTnefMessageProcessing
Skip TNEF (winmail.dat) attachment processing. If specified, the 'winmail.dat' attachment is not processed at all.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkAllowOversizedLines
Allow parsing of oversized lines. Using this option is discouraged.

Version Information

.NET Compact Framework

Supported in: 3.9, 3.5

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