The WebClient type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBaseAddress
Gets or sets the base address to simplify multiple requests to one server.
Public propertyCredentials
Get or sets network credentials to identify a user.
Public propertyEncoding
Gets or sets the encoding to be used for string upload and download.
Public propertyHeaders
Get or sets a collection of HTTP headers to send with a request.
Public propertyLogWriter
Gets or sets the LogWriter used by this object.
Public propertyProxy
Gets or sets the network proxy to use to access a remote server.
Public propertyResponseHeaders
Gets or sets a collection of HTTP headers associated with the response.
Public propertySettings
Gets TLS/SSL settings.
Public propertyTimeout
Gets or sets the length of time in milliseconds before the request times out (specify -1 or 0 to indicate that the request does not time out; minimal value is 1000).

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