Terminal capture options.

Namespace:  Rebex.TerminalEmulation
Assembly:  Rebex.Terminal (in Rebex.Terminal.dll)


Visual Basic
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration TerminalCaptureOptions
public enum TerminalCaptureOptions


Member nameDescription
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkNone
No options.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDoNotHideCursor
Do not hide cursor.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkSaveTerminalResolution
When saving into ANSI text, also save resolution of the current terminal screen.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkSaveHistory
Save the content of the history buffer as well as the current screen content. Has no effect when saving as image.

Version Information

.NET Compact Framework

Supported in: 3.9, 3.5

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