Class Description
Public class ActionRequestEventArgs
Provides data for the ActionRequested event.
Public class DataReceivedEventArgs
Provides data for the DataReceived event.
Public class FileReceiver
Provides functionality for receiving files using terminal.
Public class FileSender
Provides functionality for sending files using terminal.
Public class FileTransferProgressChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the TransferProgressChanged event.
Public class FileTransfers
Provides functionality for file transfers. Makes it possible to programmatically send and receive files using terminal.
Public class RemoteResizeEventArgs
Provides data for the RemoteResize event.
Public class ScriptEvent
Represents a condition that can occur and be checked.
Public class Scripting
Provides enhanced scripting functionality. Makes it possible to programmatically send commands and process responses.
Public class ScriptMatch
Represents a result of a scripting method such as WaitFor(ScriptEvent) or CheckFor(ScriptEvent).
Public class ScriptMatchInfo
Represents a matched condition.
Public class Shell
Represents a Unix-like or DOS-like shell.
Public class ShellChannel
Defines a generalized shell communication channel API. Intended to be used by Rebex Terminal infrastructure.
Public class TerminalColor
Defines terminal colors.
Public class TerminalException
An exception that is thrown when a terminal error occurs.
Public class TerminalFont
Represents a fixed-width terminal font.
Public class TerminalFontInfo
Specifies terminal font info.
Public class TerminalOptions
Terminal emulation options.
Public class TerminalPalette
A 256-color terminal palette.
Public class TerminalScreen
Represents a terminal screen.
Public class TerminalScreenRegion
Represents a region of character cells of the terminal screen.
Public class VirtualTerminal
Represents a virtual off-screen terminal.


  Structure Description
Public structure ConsoleKeyInfo
Describes the console key that was pressed, including the character represented by the console key and the state of the SHIFT, ALT, and CTRL modifier keys.
Public structure TerminalCell
Represents a single character cell from the terminal buffer.


  Interface Description
Public interface IShellChannelFactory
Defines a generalized shell channel factory. Intended to be used by Rebex Terminal infrastructure.
Public interface ITerminal
Defines the interface for VirtualTerminal.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AltKeyMode
Determines which control will process Alt key.
Public enumeration AutoWrapMode
Specifies whether to turn auto-wrap on or off or whether to use DOS-like mode.
Public enumeration BackspaceSequence
Backspace sequence for outgoing data.
Public enumeration BlinkingText
Specifies the appearance of the blinking text.
Public enumeration BreakSequence
Determines which sequence is sent by the and SendBreak(Int32) method.
Public enumeration ColorScheme
Specifies the terminal color mode.
Public enumeration ConsoleKey
Specifies the standard console keys
Public enumeration ConsoleModifiers
Represents the SHIFT, ALT, and CTRL modifier keys on a keyboard
Public enumeration ConsoleUnderline
Character underline style.
Public enumeration CursorKeyMode
Cursor key mode.
Public enumeration CursorStyle
Terminal cursor style.
Public enumeration DataProcessingMode
Incoming data processing mode.
Public enumeration FileTransferBlockSize
Specifies a size of data block for file transfers.
Public enumeration FileTransferProgressState
Specifies current transfer state.
Public enumeration FunctionKey
Specifies a list of function keys.
Public enumeration FunctionKeysMode
Specifies how to encode function keys such as as F1-F20, Ins, Del, Home, End, PgUp and PgDown.
Public enumeration HomeEndKeysMode
Home and End keys mode.
Public enumeration MouseWheelMode
Determines behavior for mouse wheel action.
Public enumeration NewLineSequence
New line sequence for outgoing data.
Public enumeration PollResult
Defines the results for the Poll(Int32) method.
Public enumeration RequestedAction
Determines the client command requested by the server (ActionRequested event).
Public enumeration SelectGraphicRendition1
Specifies the appearance of the sequence: CSI 1 m.
Public enumeration ShellChannelOptions
Defines shell channel flags. Intended to be used by Rebex Terminal infrastructure.
Public enumeration ShellChannelState
Defines all the possible connection states of an ShellChannel object. Intended to be used by Rebex Terminal infrastructure.
Public enumeration ShellMode
Represents Shell mode. This specifies the way of issuing commands and detecting the end of response.
Public enumeration SchemeColorName
Specifies scheme color names.
Public enumeration TerminalCaptureFormat
Terminal capture format.
Public enumeration TerminalCaptureOptions
Terminal capture options.
Public enumeration TerminalExceptionStatus
Defines status codes for the TerminalException class.
Public enumeration TerminalFontStyles
Specifies terminal font style.
Public enumeration TerminalState
Terminal state.
Public enumeration TerminalType
Specifies the terminal type (how are the escape sequences interpreted).
Public enumeration TerminaProcessingMode Obsolete.
Public enumeration TextSelectionMode
Selection mode.