Defines status codes for the TerminalException class.

Namespace:  Rebex.TerminalEmulation
Assembly:  Rebex.Terminal (in Rebex.Terminal.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Enumeration TerminalExceptionStatus
public enum TerminalExceptionStatus


Member nameDescription
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkUnclassifiableError
An unclassifiable error occurred. This is the default value for Status.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkOperationFailure
The requested operation could not be completed.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkReceivingError
Data receiving error.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkProcessingError
Data processing error.
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkTimeout
Operation could not complete within the specified time-out period.

Version Information

.NET Compact Framework

Supported in: 3.9, 3.5

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